Dear friends.

We started to prepare to The Second International Congress «Breatharianism and Immortality». Congress is absolutely open and free!

The First Congress was devoted to the different methods and approaches of transition to the Life Without Food (Breatharianism) and the enlightenment. After The First Congress we got hundreds letters and messages with gratitude and support.

The Second International Congress will be devoted more deeply to understanding of the transition`s processes.
The uniqueness of this event is in presentation of the new vision of the Breatharianism.

The idea of immortality always interested all the humanity
Recently all ideas and thoughts about immortality had talked only with irony. But there are the people today in our society which passed the transformation processes. and they want to share their own experience, knowledge and understanding of:
- The transition to the Life Without Food (Breatharianism).
- The development of «Prana breathing».
- The longest stopping of the physical breathing.
- The spiritual birth.
- The transformation of the physical body.
- The awareness and realization of immortality to the physical body.

At the end of the congress we will introduce you the dog, a labrador puppy which one has been passing the experiment of transition to the Life Without Food (Breatharianism).
The breeders gave only the dry dog food to this labrador puppy.
On the first month of the experiment puppy ate the raw vegetables and fruit. It gave it a possibility to clean it`s organism.
On the second month of the experiment puppy was transferred to specially selected liquids.
Today this puppy does not eat more than a 2 months, it drinks liquids only.
The weight gain is in normal. It is in the standard for the breed and age — 140 g per day.
It weighs 18 kg.
His analyzes and tests, wool and activity are in perfect state.
The journalists had already made a reportage about this dog.
During the time that we have before the Congress we will make a big changes at liquid regime of this dog. It will give to us the much more new possibilities to thoroughly investigate the processes of transition to the Life Without Food (Breatharianism), and find new possibilities for the humanity.


There are some historical examples of people who have not eaten any food or drunk water for years.

These scattered and isolated incidents generated controversial regards and different views from admiration to complete disbelief and rejection.

In the 20th century, with the advent of the Internet, an opportunity to share any information instantly emerged.

Reliable pieces of information about the massive transition of people to life without eating food or liquids became more and more frequent.

In the 21st century,  the necessity emerged for the society to adopt a new paradigm.

Purposes of the Congress are to:

  1. Unite people interested in building a new society.
  2. Report information about the variety of ways leading to the Life Without Food transition.
  3. Introduce the authors and their developed proven transition techniques to our audience.
  4. Listen to stories from Bretherianism followers about their lifestyle and changes in perception.
  5. Consider  the stages of transition period.

The Congress will help many people to see the prospects of personal spiritual growth and civilization development as a whole, giving evidences for researches on the physiology of Breatharianism followers.


With love and best regards Olga Podorovskaya.

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